Possibly the best ICO of 2018

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As we are enter 2018, it is safe to say that there was an “ICO arms race ” going on towards the end of 2017. Point of fact, lots of those ICOs and their investors have become big winners, but more and more have failed badly. People lost their money investing in “bad” ICOs because the teams could not further develop their ideas, or deliver the promised products, or simply because the ideas were not that great from the beginning.

Then up pops Invacio on the radar, who after interviewing the founder in late 2017 after their statement at the UN, we’ve decided to get behind, and after reading the draft white paper we’ve committed.

We may be beginning to see a move in the ICO market to self regulation and a more professional approach to ICO’s and if anything Invacio will be the one leading that charge.

We look forward to this one launching, their landing page is still under development, however you can visit their Investment Console here and signup.