Invacio set for Unicorn Status!

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Starting out in the early part of the year, Invacio’s ICO has risen against each challenge before it, having tackled not one major crypto crashes but three, in delayed secession.

Invacio (Invacio AAP Holdings LTD) brings Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) into the mainstream with a crowdfunding campaign that so far has sold over 27 million. differs from received nominal amount) a vast offering of services, solutions and collaborative projects, The Seychelles subsidiary of Invacio UK Holdings LTD (UK)  company emerged from a 5-6 year stealth R&D period at the United Nations by invitation in November 2017 bucking the trend of appealing to the tech-minded cryptocurrency community and amassing 17,000 investors from all over the world.

With their collaborative efforts not going un-noticed, having meetings with the President of Ukraine, the United Nations (now numerous times), Estonian, Thai, and many more Governments in-between, Invacio appears to be cementing itself directly into mainstream Government offerings for security, fintech, coms, blockchain and much more, so much in-fact they’ve garnered the interest of the Ex VP of JPM, and multiple Institutionalised Investment with sums of 500-1b being discussed as direct investment in their technology offerings.

Invacio’s Founder and CEO William J D West  is quite literally jumping off one plane and boarding the next with meetings set for Dubai, HK, Ukraine, Estonia, and Indonesia this coming week alone.

If there is a project to get behind today then this is the one, they’re already engaged at the highest levels of states, and have 11 public projects, one of which has already been released with the remainder coming out in rapid-succession, making INV and Invacio potentially one of the biggest crypto opportunities in of 2018, whilst cementing Invacio’s place as one of the few stealth  to Unicorn status in history.

Learn more about Invacio and their array of offerings here.

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