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Everything You Need to Know about Mouth Guards

If you have a relative who experiences teeth grinding and clenching then the condition they suffer from is medically called bruxism. In most cases this condition happens at night but a few people experience it during day time. There are a whole range of symptoms that come with this condition which is the reason most people look for treatment or a means of containing the condition. Some of the symptoms include severe headaches, teeth chipping and ill jaws.

Scientists are yet to determine the primary cause of the condition but they have found a perfect way of treating the problem. This is by using mouth night guards. The primary care dentist will be the one to assess whether or not the use of night mouth guards will treat the problem but it is upon the patient to do the purchase. Ideally dental night guards come in many different types but only a few or even one type will fit your dental needs. This is the reason every person who suffers this problem need to know how to choose the right dental guards.

First you will need to know the comfort that comes with a particular fit. The main reason to wear the guards is to improve the quality of your sleep and the last thing you want is discomfort. Such features as material that the night guards are made of and the fit determine the comfort level. When considering comfort check such features as fit and material the guards are made of. For super comfort go for custom fit since your dental formula is as unique as fingerprints and a one size fits all will not be the right purchase. When this is done the are few chances of loose guards that will not lead to discomfort at night.

Second it is important that people check the durability of the dental guards. To reduce the overall cost of the entire treatment is important that you invest in mouth guards that will last for long. If you are to purchase day guards you will have them for only a year but dental night guards can last for years without any sing of tear and wear. So if you are purchasing night guards go for ones that have been made from durable materials.

Third check the warranty package that the seller is willing to offer and the shipping terms in case you will have them shipped. Ideally a high quality seller will guarantee a warranty of several years for night guards and six months for day guards. All you do is evaluate if the dental guards have the features that you want.

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